January Project

Hello all! I came up with this idea of giving myself a project a month to help motivate me to get things done. If I can’t do one project in one month then I’ve got some problems! The great thing about this project is that it will cost me little to no money to do, so I have no excuse! My first project for myself this year is to clear out our bigger guest bedroom. There’s no furniture in there (the furniture that is in there does not belong there!) so it’s kind of become a catch-all room. Womp womp! We had some family living with us earlier last year and this was the room they used. When they moved out we (Hubs and I) told ourselves that we weren’t going to put anything in that room until the room was done. But then guess what happened?

Big Guest RoomIt once again became a room full of JUNK.

Let’s take a look here…

BIg Guest Room1. and 2. are Christmas decoration boxes. (Yes, all those boxes in corner 2 are Christmas things.) This section will be easy to clear because all I have to do is put those boxes back into the attic. Pretty easy.

3. Those are all of the empty boxes from Christmas gifts. I was going to just throw them out but then I thought I could use them to store the stuff that I will not be keeping. I can throw all of my give-away things in there and haul it to the Goodwill. That way I don’t have to use all of my trash bags. =]

4. There are four dining room chairs in this room. We took the leaf out of the table downstairs and now I have too many chairs. I was thinking about putting them in the attic. Does anyone know if that’s a good idea?

5. An extra TV. Who complains about that? Me! We will probably move this TV to the master bedroom. That TV used to be downstairs until my mom got us a bigger TV stand so that we could put our bigger TV downstairs. Movies really do look better on a bigger screen…. =]

Big Guest Room6. That’s the elliptical. Ya, that was my New Years Resolution. To get back on the elliptical…

7. More Christmas stuff that needs to go into the attic. At least that’s an easy fix. I should clean out the wrapping paper holder first… Is there such thing as having too much wrapping paper?

8. My NEW (Christmas gift) sewing machine case. It needs some pizazz! Oh, and it needs to be cleared out of this room. That’s what this post is about right?

Big Guest Room9. That little section of plastic you see to the left is one of those plastic drawer things and I use it to store my craft stuff. It works for now, but I would like to get another form of storage going on in this room.

10. An extra dresser?? That’s empty? Why am I complaining about storage when there is any empty dresser in my guest room? I forgot it was there. I stay out of this room to avoid the mess. =]

11. ANOTHER empty storage unit type of thing. Oh the possibilities.

Do you have any short term goals you want to accomplish?

UPDATE: Check out my progress HERE.

4 thoughts on “January Project

    1. That’s a good idea too! I think short term goals are easier because they are normally things you see progress with right away. I actually haven’t gotten into that room to sort anything out yet! I told myself if I don’t finish it then 1. I suck at life (lol) and 2. I will just have double the projects next month! (I know that next month’s project will be tackling the smaller guest room. That has even more stuff in it if that’s possible. Ah!) Good luck with your projects!

    1. Wellllll I wasn’t planning on selling the chairs. I just needed somewhere to put them in the meantime because we don’t need ten chairs in the dining room. (Yes, ten. The table seats eight but some reason my in-laws were given ten chairs when they bought the set YEARS ago.) Is it okay to put the chairs in the attic without them being covered or anything?? When there are ten chairs in a dining room for two people you know what happens? We stash stuff that we don’t want to put away onto the seats of the chairs and then just push the chairs in under the table. Ta da! You can’t see the stuff anymore LOL and I hope you are totally kidding about that wallpaper! When we first moved in there was wallpaper border in EVERY room of the house. Most of it is down now. Unfortunately that sports ball border is more like an actual sticker than it is wallpaper and it is a pain in my butt. ALSO in the smaller guest room there is a wall paper border under a layer of paint with another border on top of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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