10 Things (January 2020)

Hey friends!

I’m a day late in posting this but let’s pretend it’s January 32nd.

I used to do these 10 Things posts that just had 10 random things – thoughts, favorites, quotes, etc. A brain dump post so to speak.

Let’s jump into it:

  1. I normally feel like January takes forever but I feel like this January went by so fast! Do you feel me or is this something that happens as you get older? >.<
  2. I FILED MY TAXES. (insert praise hands emoji here)
  3. One of my goals for myself this year is to consistently use my planner. I tend to like the idea of a planner and will use it for a little while but then forget about it until the new cute ones roll around in June/July for the next school year. I took my time this year and really thought about what I needed in a planner. I found one at Marshall’s that I really like. It’s only the end of one month and all, but I’m still using it and really seeing a difference in how actually using one helps me stay organized.
  4. The first thing I’m going to do with my tax return money is get a hair cut.
  5. I really needed new jeans after having Baby Girl so I ordered some from Abercrombie and American Eagle. Why is it so hard to find jeans?
  6. I’m currently writing up a post about what I learned during a No Spend month. It made me think about writing posts along the way while we do our debt payoff journey. Would anyone be interested in that? 
  7. Do y’all have any tips or tricks for not running late in the morning? I’m getting worse and worse about it. Ugh!
  8. Does anyone have one of the newer Toyota RAV4s? I really like the way they look but if you have one – Are they small? Is the trunk space good? Do they get good gas milage?
  9. I’m really not getting a new car for another couple of years but I still want to know the answers to number 8 – ha!
  10. We are currently (like, literally right now) learning about the National Parks on Disney+ and right now they’re talking about bears which are my favorite so I’m going to go watch that now.


Have a great day friends!


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