Trend Send Subscription Review

Trend Send: Episode 1 – My First Box!

*This box only costs $1 to receive. You fill out a “style/size profile” and a stylist then puts together two – three outfits for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. Once you receive the box you have five days to try everything on. You keep what you want and send back the rest. Shipping to return is free! (They provide you with a return label and a very large polymailer.) Want to give it a try? Click here!

I’m just going to jump right in with the pieces that I received.

I’ll start with this black and white striped tank. I absolutely love it! It’s super soft and is just a great staple piece for your closet. Black and white can go with anything! KEEP!

I have been hearing so much about these camo Spanx leggings and I was so excited to receive them in my box! I received a size small and originally thought they looked TINY, but quickly realized they are super stretchy and look very flattering! They’re high waisted (which is awesome for postpartum) and they’re comfortable. I love that they also have texture to them. The darker shade of camo is really nice too. (I sort of kept these – I searched the internet and found these for a better price and ordered them. So, I didn’t keep them from this box specifically, but I did order myself a pair!)

I really liked this Moto jacket that they sent to me as well.


One thing I really loved about this box is that some of these pieces are not things that I would have typically picked for myself. I wouldn’t have reached for this Moto jacket in the store, but was happy to try it on. I actually really like it! The only reason that I’m not keeping it is that the price point is a little high for me right now. Especially during the holiday season when I’m more geared towards getting gifts for others. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this jacket and might snag it if it happens to go on sale!
I also recieved this black lace top which is adorable! The fact that it’s longer in the back makes it great for leggings. This is an item that I would have reached for in-store, but again this price point is a little high for me right now at $68. This is another item I will definitely keep my eye out on and may snag when it goes on sale. (If I had to choose between this shirt or the moto jacket I’d pick this shirt.)

Unfortunately, these jeans do not fit me nor do I like the wash/color. The color is a little deceiving because I feel like the wash is way lighter than pictured. They also have a gray tone to them which is not something that I’m a fan of. I did like that they are high waisted, but just didn’t feel like they fit me comfortably.

This blanket scarf was so soft and cuddly! The only reason I’m not keeping it is because I already have a similar one.


Verdict: Overall I feel like everything I received in this box was spot on with things that I mentioned in my style profile. The sizing was even almost perfect! I received the black Moto jacket in an extra small, which is the size I would typically get, but I feel that this jacket ran a little small. If I was going to keep it I would have needed a size small in order to zip it up.

For the cost of just $1 (if I didn’t keep anything at all) I totally think this box is worth it and so fun! FYI, if you do keep anything your $1 is a credit towards your purchase!

If you love anything I received and want one for yourself you can shop these items at

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