Sharing My Weekend – Picnic, Big News

We had such a beautiful weekend this past weekend!

Saturday morning Hubs and his dad headed out to go look at a Jeep in Virginia, while Peanut, my mother in law, K, my younger sister in law, C, and I headed to my company picnic. The weather was perfect for an outdoor picnic! When we got there I helped my manager set things up while my K and C watched Peanut for me. Everyone started showing up around noon and we had lunch and lounged around. Our food was catered from On the Border and it was SO good. There was a little bounce house for the kids and we brought bread to feed the geese.


The picnic started right around Peanut’s normal nap time so I wasn’t sure if he was going to sleep or not. He’s a pretty curious little guy! He was acting really tired so I tried laying him down in his stroller (it lays completely flat) with his sound machine and surprisingly he took a 45 minute nap!

The area where we had our picnic had a huge park so K, C, and I went there to “play”. Peanut woke up right around the time we were getting into the park so I put him in the baby swing… and he LOVED it!


C and I also enjoyed some swing time – LOL!


We also got in the bounce house (when there were no other kids in there) but that didn’t last long for me. It tired me out! :]

We stayed until about 3:00 PM (we had been there since 10:30 AM). We got over to K’s house and decided to go out to dinner with them for some sushi.

Oh – the Jeep that Hubs went to look at ended up being complete junk. He was SO bummed. That’s the second time he’s driven pretty far to look at a vehicle only to find it’s not at all what the guy said. Frustrating!

We got home Saturday night and Peanut was so worn out from the day that he was sound asleep around 9:30. I put him in his crib so that I could clean around the house – the monitor is set up for his crib so it was easier to put him in there and just carry the other part of the monitor around with me. By the time I was ready for bed I told Hubs that Peanut was already in his crib anyway, so let’s just leave him there and see how he does through the night. BIG NEWS – HE SLEPT IN HIS CRIB, IN HIS ROOM, ALL NIGHT!


I knew he would do well… it was Hubs and I that had a sleepless night – haha! Every time we heard him stirring around we watched the monitor like a hawk to make sure Peanut didn’t land in his favorite position – face down. He did so great! (We did okay too.)

While I was cleaning I took the time to organize the closet a little more. Check this out!

Camisole holder!
Camisole holder!

I got the hanger at Dollar Tree and just used Command Strips to hang it. I saw this idea a long time ago on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to do it! I wanted to spray paint the hanger a fun color, but after letting it sit on my dresser for WEEKS, I finally decided that “done is better than perfect”. Now I have a free/empty drawer to organize with! :]

Sunday was our usual relaxing type of day. Hubs found a truck he was interested in on Craigslist so he emailed right away and waited for a response. Peanut went down for his nap around 12:30. I did some cleaning and tidying up and since Peanut was still asleep around 2:30, I ran out to do the grocery shopping while Hubs stayed home. Hubs got a call from the guy with the truck around 3:00 and we headed out around 3:30 to look at it. It was only 15 minutes down the road, so that was nice. Peanut and I stayed in the Swag Wagon (Swagon) while Hubs looked at the truck. This is how Peanut kept entertained…


When Hubs got back into the Swagon, he had that look in his eye and I knew he had FINALLY found the vehicle he wanted! It’s funny because every time he went to look at a vehicle and it didn’t work out, he would get super upset (because car searching is stressful) and we would just say, “It wasn’t meant to be.” SIDE NOTE – Hubs has a work vehicle so he was really just looking for something to get him to and from the woods on the weekends for hunting. He wouldn’t take the Swagon because 1. He didn’t want to take a van hunting – ha! and 2. He didn’t want to leave me at home without a vehicle. He originally wanted a truck, but since our budget was really small for this vehicle (since it’s not going to be a daily driver), he was having a really hard time finding something in his price range that was in good condition. He moved on to wanting a VW Bug, but realistically that just wasn’t big enough. He settled on wanting a Jeep Wrangler. He was finding tons, but none were in good enough condition. He was almost going to give up looking and put off hunting for a year when he found the listing for this truck and ta-da. Patience is rewarding! He got EXACTLY what he originally wanted – 4 door, 4×4, truck.



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