10 Things… (September 2014)

September 1st came and went without me posting my monthly update. That’s probably because September 1st was a holiday, meaning I wasn’t at work. And I only blog while I’m at work. So that’s my excuse for forgetting. Moving on…

1. Peanut head-butted me in the lip and it’s a little swollen which isn’t a big deal, but it gave me a canker sore which IS a big deal. I looooathe canker sores.

2. Hubs is still in “vehicle search” mode and I’m ready for that to be over with. Like, now.

3. I was typing out my “after work routine” to my neighbor earlier today and wow. I knew I was busy, but I didn’t realize I was THAT busy. I’d type it again but it’s making me tired just thinking about it.

4. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? I have. So far I have three things ready, but lots of ideas for the other family members. It’s helped me to know what they want so I can scope out good deals.

5. Peanut will be EIGHT MONTHS OLD next week. Wow.

6. Does anyone else’s baby like to sleep on their face?? Or is Peanut just weird? It totally freaks me out!

7. Is it too early to start planning a first birthday party? Realistically it’s only about four months away. And if I’ve started shopping for Christmas already and that’s three months away, it seems legit to start party planning. Right?

8. I really really need/want to learn to use my sewing machine. Ugh!

9. I tried these Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips* and they’re pretty cool. They took less than thirty minutes to put on, and have ZERO drying time. That’s the best part.

10. I’m ready to break out with “all things Fall”. You?

*Amazon Affiliate link

3 thoughts on “10 Things… (September 2014)

  1. I’ve already started planning Bubbas birthday and its 7 months away lol. Be forewarned when you arrive to the party, the cake will be huge, there will be too many decorations, and yes I realize this one’s more for me than him lol

    I can help you with the sewing thing when you find time. I like making lists bc when I think, man I did nothing today, I can look at my list and see how much I did!

    1. Well at least I’m not alone in planning super early then lol I just don’t know what theme yet!
      I just told Hubs this past weekend that while the guys are hunting, we will get together and you can teach me how to sew! :]

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