10 things… (July 2014)

I decided that every first of the month, I’m going to do a brain dump/10 random things list. Why? Because I can!

1. I was on a wait list for FOREVER for three different books I wanted to read. Of course, they all became available to me on the same day… so now I have two weeks to read all three books (before I have to check them back in). I think I can do it.

10 things lately2. Peanut has been talking SO much lately. All of a sudden, on Saturday morning to be exact, his voice just sounded different to me (like, older different), and I’m really sad about it. :[

3. My baby is a week away from being SIX MONTHS OLD.

100% fun is right!
100% fun is right!

4. It’s still kind of weird to say “my baby”.

5. Sorry, but how is it July 1st already?

6. My mom is coming down this Sunday and I’m pretty excited! We always have a lot of fun! (Read about her most recent trip here.)

7. I know I talked about our new (to us) vehicle already, but I just have to say again that as much as I didn’t want a van, ours is pretty sweet.

Dodge8. Since I have a day off of work on Thursday, I’m going to turn my house upside down and toss/give away everything that falls out. (Not really… but kind of.)

9. I ate at Firehouse Subs and Firewurst recently and they were both very good, in case you were wondering.

10. Is it 4:30 PM yet? (No, it’s only 9:45 AM.)

Over and out.

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