Week’s End 05022014

Just a recap in case your new here:

“Week’s End” was started when Kelly from aswellplacetodwell.com (who no longer blogs there – WAH!) started doing a weekly post of strictly pictures. (I think she called hers “End of Week”.) I LOVED the idea so I asked if I could steal it. =] So, once a week I post a post that only has pictures, no writing. (I break the no writing rule pretty often every now and then with “In Lieu of Week’s End” posts and sometimes captioning my pictures. What can I say? I’m a talker…) I think it’s great because I ALWAYS have pictures to share (whether new or old), but don’t always have something to write about. Enjoy!

Hey, I just folded that!
I almost caught the roll!
I almost caught the roll!



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