My mom’s here! Busy week and more to come!

Whew. My mom came down to visit Saturday morning and we have been nonstop since she got here! I’m back at work today (after taking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off) and I’m finally “relaxing”. I come to work to relax… hahah totally kidding. Sort of.

At Starbucks on Tuesday morning. =]
At Starbucks on Tuesday morning. =]

Anyway, mom came in around noon on Saturday and after she had rested up a bit, her and I went to get the grocery shopping done while Hubs stayed at home with Peanut. It was raining and I prefer not to take Peanut out when the weather is yucky like that. Plus getting the car seat in the car, out of the car, attached to the stroller, all in the rain is no fun. So Mom and I went to ALDI and then Walmart. We got all the way home to realize that we wanted Krispe Kreme, which isn’t “far” but it’s in the direction we just came from and should have just stopped while we were there, so we went back out to get a dozen donuts, then went to Food Lion to get a danish for the church brunch the next morning, and then stopped at Kobe (Japanese food) for take out dinner. We got home, ate dinner, and tried to watch a movie (on Demand) on the TV but it did not want to work and it was very frustrating so we just watched TV. Dumb cable. It’s getting cut next week!

Sunday morning we all got up to go to church, stayed for the Easter brunch, and then went home. Mom and I wanted to go get pedicures so we drove to two different nail places only to find out that they were closed because it was Easter. Good for them! Around 2 PM we all headed to Hubs’ parents house for a cook out. Hubs made THE BEST bbq pork loin with HOMEMADE dry rub and HOMEMADE bbq sauce. I kid you not, it was SO good. We got home around 5:30ish, everyone got their showers and we tried again to watch the movie that we had tried to watch the night before – and this time it was a success. We watched Ride Along and it was pretty funny!

On Monday morning Mom, Peanut and I stayed home (Hubs was at work) because we had a HVAC technician coming to fix our coil on the HVAC unit. Hooray! Working heating and air is a blessed thing!! Hopefully this solves all of our problems for keeping the house at a comfortable temperature! Peanut got a bath and mom made Sini Gong (Filipino dish) for dinner – my favorite!

Tuesday morning mom and I got ready and then headed to Starbucks for breakfast – a tall caramel frap with no whip and iced lemon pound cake for me and a tall hot cocoa, no foam, no cream and banana nut loaf for mom. Then we took Peanut to his doctor’s appointment (I had called and scheduled him an appointment that morning because the rash on his stomach was turning red and spreading). Peanut has a mild case of eczema so he got some cream for that. (It’s only been two days on the cream and it is almost gone!) After his appointment we headed to Once Upon A Child and got Peanut some clothes. Then we headed over to the shopping center close by. We got a few things at Target (baby sleepers, makeup, etc.) and had a hot dog and another set of Starbucks – grande caramel frap no whip for me and tall mocha frap no whip for mom. Mom got Peanut some more sleepers at Carter’s. Then we went to Ross where mom got two shirts for her, a shirt for me, a dress for me, and a hard plastic/acrylic make up organizer for me (I have been wanting one forever but didn’t want to pay $20+. We found a three piece set at Ross for $10!). All in all Peanut got six rompers and nine sleepers. Then we headed towards home, got Tijuana Flats take out for dinner, and stopped at CVS for Peanut’s medicine.

Wednesday morning mom and I got ready and headed out again – to the local mall this time! We ate lunch first at Max Orient – fried rice and bourbon chicken for me and fried rice and beef broccoli for mom, with sodas. Mom was looking for jeans and finally got some at JC Penney, we got pajamas, yoga pants, and sleep shirts from Aeropostale, mom got some heels at Payless, I got some red/burgundy jeans at Charlotte Russe, and mom got us some body spray from Victoria’s Secret. Before we left I got six mini chocolate chip cookies and a small blue raspberry icee from The Cookie Store and mom got a chocolate milkshake from Chick Fil A. On the way home we stopped at Ulta so I could exchange something and then ran into Target to get the makings for a spaghetti dinner.

Today, Thursday, and tomorrow I am back at work so mom is home watching the little guy. Friday night Hubs might have a softball game (it looks like it might get rained out) and Saturday mom and I are definitely getting our nails done and then meeting with Hubs’ family for dinner at BoneFish. Have you ever been there? Hubs and I went for the first time about a month ago and it was SO good. My mom has never been and Hubs’ family has never been either, so we are all going together. Mom is heading back home on Sunday (Boooooo).

Talk about a busy week!


Holding my finger. =]
Holding my finger. =]
Someone enjoyed Easter Sunday church. =]


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