Sharing My Weekend – Cleaning, Cold, Crafts, and CRUD!

That title describes my weekend – ha!

I really don’t have anything fantastic to say, but I feel like writing.

CLEANING – Saturday was a day of cleaning – boy oh boy. But it needed to be done so I’m glad I did it. I actually got a lot accomplished. Considering that I am due with my first pregnancy in just six short weeks, things needed to get done already! If you remember, Hubs completed painting the ceiling, walls, trim and doing the touch ups at the end of last week.

The boys working on taping off the baseboards.
The boys working on taping off the baseboards.

This weekend he updated the door hinges and door knobs by spray painting them oil rubbed bronze. (He actually did the door hinges in our guest bedroom as well and they came out great.) He scrubbed the doors clean and then reattached them. He had to do a little touch up with the door knob so it’s not back on yet, but that’s no big deal. Easy fix. He also got the crib (box) upstairs this past weekend too.

Technically the crib is in the nursery.
Technically the crib is in the nursery.

Hubs also helped me clear out/organize the guest room. There isn’t really a bed in the guest room, so when my mom comes to visit she brings an air mattress. I know she plans on coming here once I go into labor (she lives about 3.5 hours away), so I wanted to make sure that the room was cleared out for her. It’s not exactly “cleared out” right now, but all of the stuff “in the way” is baby stuff that will get sorted nicely into the nursery once it’s done being set up. I organized what I could and then Hubs moved some furniture around in there for me.

We normally get our Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving so I went ahead and cleared the living room to make way for the tree.  Later that night we went to pick up my little sister in law because she was staying the night at our house.

COLD – Sunday morning was COLD! It went from a high of about 70 degrees one weekend to a high of around 20 degrees the next weekend. We all (Hubs, little sister in law and I) got up and went to church, ran to the store for a couple things, and then got some lunch and headed home. My little sister in law and I did some Christmas crafting.


Aren't these super cute?
Aren’t these super cute?

I followed the tutorial for these over on Crafts Unleashed – the supply list is all there. Unfortunately the 2-3/8 inch ornaments are out of the stock for the year though. =[ I got all of my supplies from Consumer Crafts and I was really happy with everything I got. (It was my first time purchasing from there.) The post on Crafts Unleashed has since been edited, but it had said that I could use another size ornament (1-3/4 inch ornaments), which I ordered only to find out you couldn’t really use that size. The size of the opening on the top of the ornament was too small. I was really bummed about it and commented on the blog post just to let them know that the size they suggested didn’t really work, and someone from Consumer Crafts actually contacted me and made it right. I was really surprised and it definitely made me feel really good about the company. The girl’s name was Sarah and she was SO nice. She took some of the 2-3/8 inch ornaments out of their showroom (because again, they are out of stock for the year) and sent them to me free of charge. I thought that was really great customer service.

CRUD – Hubs was going to start a fire since it was so cold out and he went into our storage area (it’s a storage room that is attached to the house, but you have to go outside to access it) to get his ax to chop up a piece of wood and found out our water heater was leaking. There was an inch of water on the ground. =[ We are having someone come out and look at it today. I really hope it’s covered by our home warranty because apparently a water heater isn’t covered by normal home owner’s insurance. Sighhhhh. I hope we hear some good news about it today.

Living the (lazy dog) life.
Living the (lazy dog) life.

I LOVE that we have a wood burning fire place. It’s so cozy and I love the crackling sounds it makes.

Later Sunday night, Hubs started putting the crib together. He wanted it to be a surprise so he wouldn’t let me in the room. Since he hadn’t put the door knob back on the door, I snuck a picture.

Putting the crib together 2So sweet. A daddy putting his son’s crib together. ❤ He did eventually let me in the room and he even let me help a little bit.

Putting the crib togetherThe crib is all put together but I didn’t snap a picture of it because as soon as it was done we ran downstairs to eat dinner.

Now it’s Monday morning and after being on the phone for forever I finally got a hold of someone to come look at our water heater. Hopefully it’s good news.

How was YOUR weekend?

10 thoughts on “Sharing My Weekend – Cleaning, Cold, Crafts, and CRUD!

    1. I hope not! We did have hot water for our showers last night so that’s good, we were just really quick. Our house is 11-12 years old so I’m sure the water heater is just as old. It’s just leaking right now and hopefully that doesn’t lead to a full on blow out. Hubs is actually heading to meet the tech, hopefully it gets taken care of pronto!

  1. Putting the crib together is so fun! It finally feels real once the crib is up! Don’t feel weird if you find yourself frequently going in the nursery now just to look at it. Good luck with your water heater!!

    1. It definitely was exciting to see it all together. And yes, I’ve gone into the nursery a few times just to look at it. =] I bought the mattress before the crib and even when I brought the mattress home I was like, “this just got real…”. I think Hubs had that feeling when he put the mattress inside the finished crib. He’s actually gone in there more times than I have! I know he’s really excited to be a daddy. Thanks about the water heater! We are having it replaced today. I hate that it happened, but am glad that we are able to get it fixed. Merry Christmas to us – haha!

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