Baby Shower

Baby Shower 2Talk about a busy weekend! I can actually say I had a LONG weekend. Let’s face it – they usually feel really short, right?

My weekend started on Thursday at noon when I got off work early because my mom was coming into town. We accomplished a lot and I am SO relieved to have the upstairs cleared of its messes! We took my dog to the groomer (FINALLY), had lunch at McD, picked up the ice cream cake for Saturday, sorted through all my stuff upstairs, AND managed to actually take everything to the Goodwill on the way to pick my dog back up. I didn’t think we would get as much done as we were able to, and I’m definitely glad and thankful!

Friday was spent running around EVERYWHERE. We (my mother in law, my mom, and I) started the day around 7 AM – we got up to get ready and headed out around 8 AM. We had to get everything needed for the baby shower for the next day and boy did we go to a lot places. We got home and unloaded around 4:30 PM and then my mom and I headed back out for manicures and pedicures. A very relaxing end to a long day of running around! =]

While the moms were in Babies R Us shopping around, I had to keep myself occupied so I wouldn’t look in the cart. I thought testing out the rocking chairs was the perfect solution.

Why are rocking chairs so expensive by the way?

Saturday was the actual day of my baby shower and that was another full, busy day. It was tons of fun though! We held the baby shower at my church and it worked out perfectly. We (mother in law, little sister in law, my mom, and I) got there a couple of hours early to start decorating and cooking.

My mom cooking away while we decorated. =]
My mom cooking away while we decorated. =]
These balloons are from Party City and came in a package of red, green and blue.
Props to my lil sis for blowing all of these balloons up! =]
Props to my little sister in law for blowing all of these balloons up! =]
Baby Boy
Table centerpiece from Party City.

Decorations 3

Decorations 4

Table centerpiece from Dollar General. They had some CUTE baby shower stuff!

Decorations 2

Baby Shower

Welcome Baby BannerI made that “Welcome Baby” banner using letters from Shanty 2 Chic. I think it came out so cute!

NieceWe played a few games…

Word Scramble
Word Scramble
Guess how many...
Guess how many…

FYI, yes I did count all of those mini M&Ms! (Four times, whew!) 

No saying "baby".
No saying “baby”.

We also played the “guess mommy’s tummy measurement” game that I don’t have a picture of. My mother in law measured my tummy with a piece of ribbon and then we passed ribbon around for everyone to try to guess how big my tummy was. Two people were really close and so many others WAY over guessed! I tried not to take it personal – HA!

I also bought a onesie and had everyone sign it. Unfortunately it was a little tough to write on (or so I heard), but it still came out okay. I can’t wait to frame it and put it in Peanut’s nursery!

Sign MeMy church was actually throwing a baby shower for me the next day (Sunday) and had a table already decorated for that. We used it for the cake table on Saturday.

Church Table

Cake Table
The plates were purchased at Dollar Tree and the cute plaid napkins came from Party City.

Baby Vaughn CakeThe ice cream cake came from Cold Stone and it was SO good. It was a chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate ganache on top. YUM, I think I might have a piece when I get home… =]

OH! I can’t forget to mention that I had a little body guard at my baby shower. I know, you’re jealous. She’s just about the cutest body guard EVER.

Niece 3My niece never left my side. Everywhere I went, she followed. She even sat next to me while I was opening presents and approved of my gifts. (I would open a gift and hold it out to show everyone, but since she couldn’t see (because she was next to me and not in front of me like everyone else), she would say, “I see” so I’d show her and she’d say, “okay” and pretend to write in her little notepad like she was taking notes for me. SO CUTE.)

Niece 2My baby shower on Saturday was so much fun and I scored some really great gifts! I got to see some people that I haven’t seen in a long time, so that was really cool too. =]

My sister in law caught this picture of me. You can totally see my belly button poking out! It reminds me of Snoopy’s nose – LOL!

Snoopy NoseHere is a picture of my sister in law (who is three weeks behind me in pregnancy [and we’re both having boys!!]] and my niece.)
(And a horrible shot of me too. Just keepin it real around here…)

Sister in LawOn Sunday after church, my church family threw a potluck/baby shower for me. We got some more really great gifts and even met some new members. Our church is pretty small, we only average about 15-20 people every Sunday, but I LOVE it.

Camo PantsI just had to share this photo because I think I can officially say Peanut has more camo than Hubs. Ha! =]
(It kind of looks like Hubs is checking the camo for size… NO Hubs, they will not fit you!)

Both baby showers were a blast and I’m so thankful for everything we received, including the time spent with family and friends. I am totally exhausted after this weekend though and would like another weekend for rest, pronto. Please and thank you! =P

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