Pregnancy Update – It’s a…


I didn't actually buy these shoes... Ha!
I didn’t actually buy these shoes… Ha!

We were so excited to find out! It was a long four week wait! =]

The doctor said everything looks great and he was weighing in at 8 ounces (exactly where he needs to be for my due date).

It was so amazing to see everything on the ultrasound. We got to see his little face A LOT – he kept looking at us! He was laying on his back with his hands behind his head just chillin’. =] It was so crazy to see how the doctors can look at different parts of his body and see how he is developing. We checked out his skull, the hemispheres of his brain, his spine, his heart, INSIDE his heart, his little tush, his bladder, arms, legs, etc. EVERYTHING! They even have this thing where they flip a switch and it turns all the fluids ultra red (or something) and you can see the blood being pumped through his veins and into his heart. It was CUH-RAZY!

Here are a couple pictures from the visit:


Little feet. =]
Little feet. =]

And here’s an 18 week bump picture for you:

18 Weeks

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