So far… 8 weeks in?

My first baby doctor visit is exactly a week from today! I can’t wait! If my calculations are correct then I am about eight weeks in with my pregnancy this week (hence the question mark in the title). I’m sure I’ll get a better idea next Tuesday, but eight weeks is my guess! So how is it going you ask? UGH! Actually, I shouldn’t say that.  PRAISE! Honestly, I haven’t had too much nausea which I am VERY grateful for. I have had a lot of stomach ache type of pain though. It’s not really bad, it’s just consistent and very… annoying. I haven’t really been craving anything so far either. It’s more like I haven’t been wanting to eat anything. I feel like I just don’t have an appetite AT ALL, but I know I need to eat so I’m trying. I’ve definitely learned that I can’t eat a lot at one time. That makes me feel super sick! I’ve just been trying to make sure that I’m consistently snacking/eating SOMETHING healthy. Besides the stomach ache, I’ve been feeling pretty okay! No cramps. No nausea. Whew, praise the Lord. I keep praying for a healthy, safe, smooth, as painless as possible pregnancy and so far, so good.

Other than the baby news not too much has been going on over here. We are making progress in getting the big guest room set up. Once that room is set up then that means the nursery room will be ready for prep and then once we find out what we are having we can start that room! I am thinking we can go ahead and put up the bead board/wainscoting, whatever you call it ahead of time and then just paint the upper half of the room later on.  Kind of like this…

Baby Room Idea(If someone knows who I need to reference for this picture please let me know! I don’t really know where it came from…)

So we could go ahead and do the bead board business on the lower half of the wall and then paint when we find out the gender.

There is a lot of planning and things to buy so I better go make a To Do/To Get list. =]

UPDATE: Check out the nursery reveal here. It’s nothing like I originally planned – lol!

2 thoughts on “So far… 8 weeks in?

  1. Congratulations (apparently I missed the last post!!). That’s awesome news. When I was first pregnant I found that I ate ALL the time. I couldn’t eat very much at one time so I just ate all day, the motion of eating was the only thing that kept the nausea away. Best of luck to you – hopefully you keep feeling good!

    1. Thank you! We are very excited! I can’t eat a lot at one time either. It’s just weird because I guess I thought I would be super hungry or something. I definitely didn’t think that I would not want to eat. I just have to remember that even though I may not feel hungry, I need to eat. Who would have thought eating would be so hard?! =]

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