Mailbox Flower Bed – DONE

We finished the mailbox flower bed and I love it! I think it looks great. It’s crazy how just a little bit of work can make such a huge difference!

mailboxflowerbeddoneOverall it took us a few days to complete because we broke up the work load. Realistically this could have been done in two days at the most, but we worked on it little by little over a course of a few days. We decided to go with landscaping posts and I really like it. I was kind of skeptical at first, but I really do think it looks great. We caught a good deal on the posts too! They were about $1.57 each compared to $3.97 each (or something like that). For the mailbox area we only needed about six posts, but when we do our front porch area we will probably need at least 40. We are hoping to catch another deal on them when we are ready to do the porch. That couple of extra dollars saved will really add up!

I didn’t take pictures of the process, but it was pretty simple. Hubs dug a “trench” around the area, then he cut the posts to size (he cut them about one foot long [the posts are eight feet long]), laid them out in the trench to see how we liked them and then pretty much just buried the bottoms in. We also added in some sand around the gaps to make sure they held in place. We have about six inches sticking out and six inches in the ground.

Flower Bed Process
Laying them out to make sure we had enough.

Side note – the weekend that we went to buy the posts we also bought some flowers to fill in the bed. Well, once Hubs had things laid out I thought I would need more flowers. I wanted to get some different flowers so that it would be pretty and colorful with all different kinds of flowers. (I wanted random and colorful, not rows of the same flowers or colors.) So I went to the store and was so happy with my purchases… and then I got home and realized that I had bought the EXACT same flowers. Ha! I must have really liked them. Both times. 🙂

Before FlowersLiterally. THE EXACT SAME FLOWERS. We bought the top set when we got the posts last weekend and I got the bottom set just a couple days ago.

Flower Bed 1

Flowers 2

Flowers 1

Collage 1

I think it’s time for another manicure, don’t you think? =]

(If you’re wondering about all the straw behind the mailbox, we laid down some grass seed in the hopes that grass would grow. The straw is just so the birds don’t get to it and to help keep it damp so the grass can grow. Hubs used to do landscaping so he knows all about this stuff. I just go with the flow.)     =]

Another home project done! =]

12 thoughts on “Mailbox Flower Bed – DONE

  1. I LOVE this idea. I haven’t seen posts cut like that before to make the edging – brilliant. We have some flower beds in our yard and we used small railway ties but laid them lengthwise – I like this so much better. Can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt this spring (if spring ever comes…it’s snowing right now!).

    1. Thank you!! I actually really like the railway tie idea too! That was an idea for us when we were trying to think of how to line the driveway. We may still do that, we aren’t sure yet. We were mainly focused on the mailbox and now we want to do the flower box areas up by our porch the same way (with the posts). The posts are really nice because you can cut them to any length you want. For the area up by our porch, it kind of slants so we will just cut the posts longer and it can still be even across the top… does that make sense? Ha! Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by! =]
      Snowing?! Crazy!! It’s been warm and rainy here. =[

  2. What a difference!!! I just bought some flowers for our planters out front and we are totally on the same wavelength because I went with purple, yellow and white, too! Love those colors all together! 😉 Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to do the area up by our porch. Purple is definitely my favorite color and I just really liked how the whites and yellows looked mix in. Great minds think alike! =]

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