Updated Sidelight Window “Coverings”

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We sure did! Hubs and I went to church Sunday morning and attended the church brunch. Then we headed over to Hubs’ parent’s house and got together with the family for dinner. Hubs’ Grandmommy came down to visit and it was really nice to see her again. It’s always nice to have family visit. ❤

While we were at my in-laws *new* home I noticed that they had used the Frosted Spray Paint for their sidelight curtains and I LOVED it!

Remember the sidelight curtains I made?

Sidelight CurtainsI really really liked them at first, maybe because I made them and that made me feel special? It’s not that I stopped liking them later on, but they did kind of irk me. Here’s the thing – I like them from the inside because I like the fabric and it goes well with our new wall color and our rustic theme. Plus, it looks good with the white door. BUT, from the outside (which I don’t have a picture of) I felt like it all kind of clashed. The front of our door is black. So in the Winter, when I had a blue snowflake wreath, what you saw from the outside was a blue wreath, a black door and these brown/biege/red plaid curtains. Not a very pretty sight, right? I just loved that from the inside these blocked my dogs from being able to see out and bark at EVERYTHING that went by.

I thought about doing the window film, but my dogs like to bark and jump, so I was afraid they would jump on the film windows and eventually scratch it away.

Then I saw my in-laws frosted windows and ta da! I knew that’s what I wanted! (I remember thinking about doing the frosted spray paint, but I didn’t want to do it and not like it so I scratched the idea. Luckily I got to actually see it at my in-laws house and then I was convinced.) Loving in-laws as they are gave us their can of spray paint since they didn’t need it anymore and Hubs got to work when we got home that day. Here is the almost end result…

SidelightIt makes a HUGE difference! I can not believe how much awesome sunlight I was blocking out by having the curtains up. I wanted curtains to block the dogs, but I didn’t really want people to see inside either so I steered away from sheer. I love the way this came out though! We are probably going to do a few more coats just to “frost” it a little more. I don’t want to say “darken” because I think you could do 50 coats and it still wouldn’t be “dark” or block out the light. It would just be really frosted.

I love that I still get the light AND the dogs can’t see out. You have to pretty much be right on the glass/touching the glass to see outside. And you can’t see inside at all, which for me is a plus. It’s really simple to do too! All you have to do is clean your windows and wait for them to dry, then spray in a back and forth motion (making sure you overlap your strokes) and let dry for a few minutes between coats. The frosting effect will take 5-10 minutes, but you can do the coats in less time than that. You can reapply anytime you need to (if you need to later on down the road) and you can still wash the windows with a wet rag or mild soap and water. OH I ALMOST FORGOT! This is applied from the OUTSIDE, so I don’t have to worry about the dogs scratching it up!

Like I said, we are still going to do a couple more coats (we ran out before we could finish) but I love the way it’s turning out. No more blocking out the sunlight!

FYI, if you wanted to still see outside you could totally just do a couple coats and have the frosted effect without blocking your view.

FYI, we used Rustoleum Frosted Glass*.

What do you think? Do you like how this came out?

I’ll leave you with these adorable pictures from Easter Sunday…

Let's see what we can find in these eggs...
Let’s see what we can find in these eggs…
I think I found the one with the goods!
I think I found the one with the goods!

*Amazon affiliate link

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