Hand Surgery

Hubs had hand surgery last Tuesday. He had to have a metal rod put into his thumb. =[ That my friends, is why I have been MIA around here. This was his (our) first surgery experience and I don’t think we really knew the extent of what we were getting into. We knew that Hubs was going to have to be “put under” for the surgery and we knew that he was going to be taking the rest of the week off to relax. What we didn’t know was that I would also be taking the rest of the week off because poor Hubs was MISERABLE. The doctor said the surgery was a difficult one (but that Hubs did great). We were at the hospital a little longer than expected because Hubs was in so much pain that they had to keep giving him medicine which made him go to sleep. Hubs is super tough, so for him to admit that he is in that much pain is serious business. On a scale from 1 to 10, if he’s a 10 then anyone else would be at like, 50! Serious business. Poor thing. =[ I felt so bad for him!! First of all, the anesthesia made him feel awful and then the pain killers made him feel  awful-er. There was no escaping the pain! He seriously couldn’t/didn’t eat a full meal until Friday morning. AND he had to fast Monday night – so that means he didn’t really eat ANYTHING from Tuesday to Friday! He had some crackers and blah blah but if that’s all you have to eat ALL day, then that’s pretty bad. When he woke up Friday morning and actually wanted breakfast I was relieved! I was about to take him back to the doctor so they could pump some food in his tummy!

When we got home Tuesday evening we both settled on the couch and didn’t move all night. Unfortunately, our downstairs bathroom is still being renovated, so anytime he needed to use the restroom we had to go upstairs. Let me tell you, when you are feeling out of it and not quite “awake” from the anesthesia – getting upstairs is scary! We pretty much laid around on the couch all week because anytime he tried to sit up (or stand) he got really dizzy and queasy. (The doctor also ended up calling in some nausea medicine.)

Side note – I’d like to mention that I am very grateful that I was able to stay home with him because at my previous job taking an unexpected day (or week) off was a BIG no no. So for my current manager to say things like, “Keep me in the loop but don’t worry about work” or for her to tell me it’s okay for me to take the rest of the week off without me asking first was a blessing. I love my new job.

Anyway, Hubs is doing a lot better today.  Thanks for asking! =] He is still in a lot of pain, but he’s up and walking and eating now.

The dogs were extra spoiled too – as long as they were on our blankets they were allowed on the couch. They just loved that! It was sort of easier for Hubs to sleep on the couch because at least he had a “wall” where he could rest his arm (he had to keep it elevated) whereas our bed isn’t up against a wall so it would be hard to keep it still. And since he had to sleep downstairs, I did too!

At least the dogs were comfy…
Nixon was going to make him all better!
Poor Hubs!

9 thoughts on “Hand Surgery

    1. Hey! My husband is doing a lot better, thanks! He stills feels pain and tingling in his hand so I am going to call the nurse about that today! Thanks for reminding me. =]
      Thanks for checking out my blog! As far as the wedding pictures go my friend just needed some help with coordinating the wedding. I just happened to snap a few pictures. Psh, I WISH I was a photographer. =]
      Thanks about my spice rack! I think I’m growing out of it already! =X
      Happy Thanksgiving!! Do you have big plans?

  1. I am Sooo Sorry to hear about Bryce and his Surgery!! I hope all is well now and he has a Bionic Thumb!!! And Tell your New Boss I said God Bless Her!!! We Need More Bosses Like Her!!! In this World!!!

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