Peanut at Fifteen Months

Gosh. I can’t believe my little Peanut is 15 months old today.


We threw him his first birthday party in January. It was Disney Planes themed and he loved it! (Read all the details here.)

He’s doing and saying so many new things – I don’t know where to start!
In early February he learned to climb the stairs – I haven’t decided if that’s good or bad. Ha! At night, when I tell him it’s time to go upstairs (to get his pajamas on), he goes right to the stairs and starts climbing (with me RIGHT behind him). In late February is when he really started “walking”. Before that, he would walk along the furniture and stuff, but around this time is when he started taking his push toys and venturing out of the living room. It was so surprising to me because he just grabbed his Sit and Stand* toy and started going! That’s when Hubs and I really started working with him on walking. (Not that we weren’t working with him before, but he was finally actually showing an interest in walking around this time.) The next week Peanut started taking a few steps (without holding anything) here and there. Hubs and I would sit in the middle of the living room and have Peanut walk back and forth to us. (We sat about five (Peanut) steps away from each other.) I’m not kidding when I say the very next week he was walking on his own. He was still a little wobbly, but he was walking and when he fell down he’d get right back up and keep on going. Now (two weeks after he actually started walking) he’s pretty stable and is getting into everything. :] I was surprised with how quickly he picked up on walking!

(Now you can see his cape.)

He’s also saying so many new things. Peanut has always been very vocal. I can confidently say that at 12 months he knew “Mama”, “Dada”, and Hubs’ side of the family (since my mother in law watches him while we work). So, he knew “Nana”, “Poppy”, “Ceecee”, and he also knew things like “Mickey” and “Baba”. (I actually wrote about him learning some of these words at 11 months.) He’s such a sponge and he’s learning so many new words all the time! He’s known where his nose, head, and feet are for a while now, and now he knows tummy and ear too. He knows “nigh nigh” for bed time and says “din din” for dinner. He knows that “putting his big boy diaper and pajamas on” means to go upstairs. He wipes his mouth with his napkin at dinner and I haven’t quite figured out what he’s saying when he wants a drink, but he reaches for his sippy and says something that sounds like “wawa” (water?). He’s learning the names of foods like yogurt and says “go go” for mango. He knows chicken, turkey, deer, fish. Just the other night, he actually fed himself an entire plate of ravioli. He wouldn’t let go of the spoon, so I helped him spear some ravioli and he put it to his mouth and fed himself the whole time. It’s so fun to witness him doing these new things, but it’s so sad at the same time!


Since he’s walking now, he haaates being put in his walker. He throws a little baby fit. But, that’s a safe place for me to put him when I’m prepping/cooking dinner, so he does sit in it for at least 20 minutes a day. He’s recently taken to playing bumper cars with the cabinets and his walker… ha!

Oh! About a week ago we got his new convertible car seat*. I thought he’d fight me about getting into it, but he actually seems to like it. It’s much more roomy than the infant seat* and I’m sure it’s more comfortable too. Before we got his new seat, I always just popped the infant seat off the base and into his stroller. Now that we’ve installed the new seat though, I can’t do that anymore. (The seat is now one piece with the base and stays in the car.) Peanut sat in a cart (GASP – GERM ALERT) for the first time last Friday and he wasn’t quite sure what to do at first. He just sat there with his hands folded together – lol! Once he figured out he could touch stuff though, he was leaning over and grabbing stuff off the shelves. It was fun times… :] (I did use a cart cover* by the way.) (I have never really thought of myself as a “germophobe”, but I really didn’t want to put Peanut in a cart if I didn’t have to. Which is why he didn’t sit in one until he was almost 15 months old – ha!)

I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and I can’t believe how big my little dude is now.

Hi. I'm cute.
Hi. I’m cute.

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