Tips for Organizing Your Closet

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This past weekend, aside from everything else we did, I really wanted to clear out and organize my master closet. (I didn’t get around to it, but I thought putting together this list of how to tackle the mess may help me later on.) I’m very fortunate to have a large master closet. The only complaint I have with it is how everything is laid out. It’s a long narrow room with a high bar on one side and two bars (one high, one low) on the other. (And it’s a wire shelving unit which drives me nuts.) It has ZERO shelf space. Boo!

If you remember form this post, I did recently somewhat do a closet purge. Before I returned to work after having Peanut, I needed to get some new clothes because I was about a size bigger than what I was pre-pregnancy. Since I HAD to shop for new clothes, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start building a wardrobe I was happy with. I still have quite a few things in my closet that I can probably do away with, but I feel like if I do anymore purging, I’ll be left with only two outfits. LOL! Oh well, slowly but surely.

So, back to organizing! After browsing Pinterest, here is my plan for some organization!

I really want to get one of these hanging shelf organizer things…


That would give me some much needed shelf space. I could put my bulkier sweaters in there (I leave all of my clothes out throughout the year, I honestly don’t have enough items to switch things out every season). I could also put my skirts and shorts (that I don’t hang) in there as well. (I do have a dresser in the closet but it’s kind of just wasting space.)

I do have my belts and scarves organized pretty well. I use one of these…


It’s really “supposed” to be for hanging multiple dress pants, but it works really great for hanging scarves and belts.

I really want to find a way to hang my camisoles. I don’t know why, but I wear a camisole every stinking day. I guess it’s my security blanket – ha! Right now they are folded up in a drawer, but I feel like that’s wasting drawer space. I’ve been thinking about using a hat or tie rack to hang them up. Something like this…


I want to find something that has hangers that stick out, so I can hang one camisole on each hanger. (I don’t want to use a swing arm hanger because then when I need the one in the back, I have to take them all off and yada yada. Yes, I’m being lazy.) Something like a tie rack would work too.


(At only $3.45, this may be the winner of the camisole problem.)

I need some tips on how to store my purses that aren’t being used though… Any ideas?!
What are some tips/hacks that have helped in organizing your space?

5 thoughts on “Tips for Organizing Your Closet

  1. I bought an over the door purse organizer but I don’t really like it. If you have the hanging space I’ve seen some pins of people hanging their purses using shower curtain hooks.

    1. Hm… that’s a good idea! I may have to look into that. I have dust bags for most of my handbags but I guess I could just hang the whole dust bag, right?

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