Sharing My Weekend – A New Vehicle?

What a weekend!! I could use an extra day, please and thank you!

Friday night, after work, Hubs started his first round of playoffs (softball) and they won their first game! They were about ten minutes into their second game (double header) when the referees called a twenty minute “lightening break”. We all had to pile out of the stadium/park area and wait twenty minutes for the lightening to go away. After twenty minutes, since the lightening had not gone away, they called the game off. Better safe than sorry! (You know… since the players are holding long metal bats and all…)

Saturday morning we had an appointment to look at some vehicles. I have a Jeep and I do really like it, but I have to admit that it is a tight squeeze in the back seat. Also, putting the stroller in my trunk is pretty much the end of my trunk. We have to turn the stroller on its side to fit groceries (and use some of the back seat). Actually, if you remember from this post – we did do a pretty good job at cramming a last minute shopping trip’s worth of items in there! (It just wasn’t ideal for everyday.) =]

The stroller is sitting on top of three bags of mulch and I was in the backseat holding the stroller in place.

sharingmyweekendHere’s a picture of my Jeep (for old times sake).

JeepAs much as I DID NOT want to get a van, I will admit that the extra storage (and leg) space would be a plus! So, after two weekends of looking (and four different dealerships) we ended up purchasing a 2012 Dodge Caravan that’s pretty much… awesome. (I never thought I would say those words!!! I was SO against a van! In a way I’m mad, but in a way I’m happy – ha!)

DodgeThis thing is LOADED! And we were happy to find even more features (that we had no idea about) when we got it home and started playing with it. I will say this though – there are so many stinking buttons on the dash! It’s crazy! Hubs says it’s like driving a space ship! So again, as much as I didn’t want a van, this thing is pretty sweet.

Just a side note – we also traded in Hubs’ beloved truck. We were both really sad to see it go, but trading it in just made sense. He got the truck in December of 2012 and a few months later he was given a company car. (We had no idea he was getting a company vehicle.) Because of that, the truck hardly left the driveway and it was really just “money sitting in the driveway”. It also didn’t have a full second row of seats so the car seat couldn’t go in there at all. Since he drove the company vehicle daily and we took my Jeep on the weekends (because of the car seat), the truck was just a pretty ornament in front of the house. =[ I’m actually really sad thinking about it right now. I know that Hubs didn’t drive it very much, but this specific truck was SO hard to find and Hubs was SO excited when we finally found it (after almost two years of looking). He works so hard and totally deserved the truck. So ya, I’m sad that he “had” to let it go. Here’s a picture for old times sake.

ToyotaWe were at dealerships from about 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM so it was a LONG day. Peanut didn’t fuss one time! He is such a good baby. ❤ When we were done we grabbed some Tijuana Flats for dinner and headed over to Hubs’ parents house to show off our new (to us) ride.

Sunday morning we got up and went to church, did our grocery shopping, and then headed to Hubs’ parents house for Father’s Day dinner. Hubs made homemade calzones and they were SO good! This was Hubs’ first Father’s day by the way. Look at these two good looking guys! Am I a lucky girl or what?! ;]


How was your weekend? =]

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