Sharing My Weekend – Updating the Yard

This weekend Hubs and I got some flowers to plant in our yard! About two years ago our house looked like this…

sharingmyweekendCute little doll house, right? ;] Well, the backs of all of those bushes were actually dying and very brown and not pretty, so Hubs ripped them out. We meant to replace all the shrubs and add flowers and everything, but then time got away from us and it’s been sitting like this…

sharingmyweekendIt’s just so “blahhhh”. Every time we pull up to the house we make the same comment over and over again, “Man, it looks like no one lives here.” So, we decided to get a start this weekend and I can’t wait for it to be done!

We want to do rose bushes under the window and then do smaller, compact shrubs. Under the railing on the porch we are going to do the “butterfly flowers” (I think that’s what they are called). They are long, tall, skinny flowers. We plan to do those and then some smaller daisy looking flowers (as you can tell, I am no flower expert).

If you remember from this post, we did the the mailbox flower bed last year. I really liked it but since those flowers were just annuals, they died and then the flower bed was looking pretty bad. Hubs took all of the flowers out and we got new perennials for it this weekend too.

We didn’t quite plan our trip wisely and ended up having to literally use all the available space possible in the Jeep – ha! There were flowers in the front seat, I was on the right back seat, Peanut was in the middle back seat (car seat), there were groceries on the left back seat and floor, and the trunk was CRAMMED.

Butterfly flowers I was talking about.

sharingmyweekendYou can’t really tell in the picture, but on the left side there are three bags of mulch stacked on top of each other. I was on the right side in the back seat holding the stroller so it wouldn’t fall. We will plan better next time. =]

I’ll definitely post after pictures. I can’t wait to see them myself!
UPDATE – Here’s an updated post!

Just to share a picture of Peanut… he started getting carrots last night and he LOVED them! Hubs couldn’t feed him fast enough!

( In case you’re wondering, Peanut has eczema under his neck so that’s what the redness is from. =[ )

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