Organizing Make Up

I’m a girl and I like make up.

Whew, okay. I got that off of my chest.

I used to keep my make up in a regular ‘ol make up bag in the corner of my sink. That got old pretty quick and I moved on to one of those hard plastic, acrylic holders.

organizingmakeupThis worked okay for a while. Just a little side story here – I wake up at 5:30 AM during the week (30 minutes before Hubs) and I try my hardest to be as quiet as possible as I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, washing my face, and applying my make up. Let’s admit it – don’t you hate waking up thirty minutes before you actually need to be up!? Well, it never fails that every time I’m TRYING to be quiet, I drop something on the floor with a clatter, I pull out a make up item and everything beside it goes crashing against the side of the holder/smashing into each other, etc. I fail at being quiet.

Until I came upon this awesomeness!

organizingmakeupUm… isn’t this JUST THE CUTEST?! I love it!! Admittedly, (in my opinion) it was a little pricey at $17 plus shipping, but I just had to have it. I love all the little pockets, I love the easy clean/wipe-able interior and exterior, and I love that it helps me be quiet in the morning. =]


organizingmakeupI found this on this site – and you can click there to see more pictures of the caddy as well. (Just a quick run down – there are pockets across the front, on both sides, and on the backside of the interior. The exterior back side is flat so you can fit it flush against the wall, like I did in the first picture.)
And here is the link to the Clever Container representative that helped me order one – click me.

How do you organize your make up?

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