Second Trimester Recap

You can read all about my first trimester recap here.

Second Trimester Timeline: Weeks 14 – Weeks 27
Currently at: Week 28

Geez, I’m not even sure where to start with this! As I mentioned in my first trimester recap, I was doing really well with not being sick in the first trimester. I had stomach ache feelings but nothing too horrendous. I heard that most women are the most sick in their first trimester, so when I was reaching my second and felt fine I was thinking this was going to be a breeze. WELL, going into my second was when I started to feel pretty bad. I got constant, terrible headaches and even started throwing up. My doctor told me that wasn’t very common, but (and you will hear this A LOT when you’re pregnant), everyone is different. I’m not sure how to explain the headaches because I’ve never had a migraine, but they were B-A-D. I wasn’t sensitive to light and they weren’t making me nauseous, so I ruled out it as possibly being a migraine. Just imagine your worst headache EVER, and you know what I mean. They went on for a few weeks until I finally called my doctor. They wanted me to see a neurologist but I’m a pansy and didn’t go through with that. This may sound a little crazy, but when I found out I was pregnant I completely cut out caffeine – soda, sweets, sugars, etc. I told my doctor about this and she suggested that they could actually be “withdrawal headaches”. Weird huh? She told me that the next time I got a headache to try drinking half a Coke and seeing how I felt. Weirdly, and awesomely, it worked! She told me that sometimes your body just needs that jolt of caffeine and suddenly taking that away could cause these withdrawal headaches. So, gladly, they were gone in a few days and I haven’t had one since!

Left: 14 Weeks // Right: 15 Weeks
16 Weeks
16 Weeks
17 Weeks
17 Weeks

Around this time (17 weeks) was when I felt Peanut move for the first time. It was the weirdest/coolest thing. Honestly, I don’t think I realized what it was at first. I’ve read that it can feel like a fish swimming, popcorn popping, or flutters. All I remember is that I was sitting at my work desk and just felt something… different. As soon as my brain processed what I just experienced, I got super excited and immediately emailed my sister in law. I would describe my first baby movement feeling as popcorn popping. It was like tiny taps inside my tummy.

Around this time is when I finally scored a dresser for the nursery off of Craigslist. It was a steal! You can read about it here.

18 Weeks
18 Weeks

At my 18 week appointment, August 9th 2013, we found out we were having a… BOY! That ultrasound/body scan was so amazing. It is absolutely crazy how in depth the doctors can get. You can read all about it and see more pictures here.

I didn't actually buy these shoes... Ha!
I didn’t actually buy these shoes… Ha!


19 weeks

20 WeeksHalfway through pregnancy. Whew!

21 Weeks

22 Weeks
22 Weeks

21 Weeks

24 Weeks

Happy happy happy.
Happy happy happy.

Around my 24th week of pregnancy, September 21st 2013, I had my baby shower. It’s also when my mom came down from VA and I got to see her again. My baby shower was so much fun and I scored some really great gifts. I got to see a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in a while and it was just a really great time. Plus, there was ice cream cake. (Definitely read about my baby shower to get some great ideas for inexpensive, ready made decor.) I also had a second baby shower at my church the next day and all those details are there as well.

Baby Shower 2

Snoopy NoseAround this time is also when I saw Peanut move for the first time. It was INSANE! I was driving home from work and was feeling kicks, which is pretty normal. I happened to look down and my stomach was moving! I called Hubs right away and told him. Then later that night, after dinner, we both just stared at my tummy to see if it would happen again – and it did! Now we see my stomach moving all the time. I can sit back and just watch this little ball move back and forth. And the rolls are the funniest! They feel funny and kind of tickle. When Hubs felt the rolling movement under his hands for the first time he jerked his hand away and was like, “WHOA!” =]

Around my 25th week of pregnancy I started experiencing acid reflux. I actually didn’t know that’s what it was at first, and even still I’m just going off of what I read about my symptoms. I noticed at night, when laying down for bed, I would get this “lump in my throat” feeling and it made me feel like I was going to throw up, without actually being nauseous, if that’s possible. I only had it a few nights a week so I didn’t think too much of it. One morning at work I decided to just Google it and see what came up. Most things said it was acid reflux and that “lump in your throat” feeling was actually valves closing to prevent the acid from coming up, or something like that. I had read before that some women experience acid reflux at one point or another, so I’m just going with that. It’s not terrible at all and like I said, I really don’t experience it THAT much and I’m able to sleep it off.

25 Weeks
26 Weeks

26 weeks.
26 weeks.

At my 26th week of pregnancy, October 4th 2013, I had my glucose screening test. I would recommend making sure you eat something before you go in. That hour of just a sugary beverage in your tummy could cause a major crash with an empty stomach! I went ahead and took the day off of work for my appointment because I had read that some women didn’t feel well the rest of the day. I got lucky and actually felt pretty good. (BTW, the doctors told me that no news is good news – so basically they would call me within 3-7 business days if I failed the glucose screening, otherwise they would just tell me my results at my next appointment. It’s been 8 business days since my appointment, so I guess I passed.)

ALL IN ALL, I have been truly blessed throughout my pregnancy so far. Besides the few weeks of being sick in the beginning of my second trimester, I really haven’t had much else to complain about. And even when I was feeling sick during those few weeks, it wasn’t like I was wanting to stay home from work and cry. Honestly, when I did throw up I didn’t even feel it coming. It just happened. I didn’t get hot and sweaty and dizzy or anything like that. I haven’t had any cravings. I haven’t been emotional. I haven’t felt dizzy or off balance at all. I haven’t had any back pain. I had one day of swollen feet, for about three hours, so that’s nothing. I haven’t had any weird strong senses of smell. I’ve felt pretty normal. Even today I’m feeling fabulous. Sometimes in the mornings I spring out of bed forgetting I’m even pregnant. =]

BUT, delivery is coming. Twelve more weeks! The nursery is underway and we will soon be a three person family. (Five if you include the pups.) I really want to get some maternity pictures done soon and then just prepare prepare prepare for baby. The worries and fears of delivery and recovery come to me every now and then, but I just say my prayers and know that everything will be okay.

8 thoughts on “Second Trimester Recap

    1. It was Cold Stone ice cream too, double yum! =]
      Congratulations!! Actually seeing your tummy move is absolutely amazing. It’s crazy and weird and cool and scary and amazing, all at once!

    1. Thank you!! Some days I feel like my stomach is HUGE and some days, like right now as I look down at myself, I feel like it’s not that big… maybe I should wear baggy sweaters more often. HA! =] You are killing it at your house by the way! I am so jealous of all you are getting done so fast. Whew!

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