Closing A Chapter and Nursery Progress…

FINALLYI am pleased to announce that F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, after living in our house for over two and a half years, we are closing the chapter entitled “Remove All Wallpaper Borders in the House”. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!

This is TRULY how I feel about this.
This is TRULY how I feel about it.

We moved into our house in March 2011 and told ourselves that we were going to take down all the wallpaper borders and repaint all the walls before we moved in. That didn’t happen. We got too excited about buying our first house and replaced all the toilet seats and door locks and moved right in!

Here are some pictures of the house before we moved in. (The listing pictures from the realtor site.)

OLD PICSWallpaper borders everywhere! (There was a wallpaper border in the master bathroom as well, but there’s no picture of it.) The only rooms that didn’t have some sort of wallpaper border were the living and dining rooms.

The kitchen, master bedroom, and master bathroom wallpaper borders came down right away.

Old picture of me taking down the kitchen wallpaper border before we actually moved in.
Old picture of me taking down the kitchen wallpaper border before we actually moved in.

More recently the sports ball sticker wallpaper border came down in the guest room upstairs.

Small Room 5The last bit of wallpaper that needed to come down was the smaller guest room – which is going to be the nursery.

Project nursery. HOORAY!
Project nursery. HOORAY!

This week Hubs is going to paint the ceiling, change the ceiling fan, and then paint the walls. WOOHOO! I cannot wait to see it all painted and ready for decor!

Now I have two days to decide on a color…


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