It’s October!?

What in the what what? How did that happen!?

This is going to be another one of those (probably super long, without any photos) “brain dump” posts.

How is it already October when I just said, “Wow I can’t believe it’s 2013!” yesterday?!

We have been so busy lately that I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that time is flying by. It doesn’t seem like we will be slowing down in the upcoming weekends either. We have something to do/an event to go to every weekend starting from this week all the way until November 22nd! Gosh, Christmas will be here before I know it.

I am officially SIX MONTHS pregnant today. WOW. I really can’t believe that. I feel like my stomach got HUGE overnight and getting up from a chair or bed is like an Olympic sport.

Peanut is going to be here in THREE MONTHS! Eek! Is the nursery done? No. Do we at least have the essentials for Peanut if he were to come early? No. Don’t panic. The nursery has FINALLY been cleared of its mess (ever since my baby shower the other weekend) – thanks to my mom! The wallpaper border is almost off and all that needs to be done is for Hubs to paint the ceiling, install the new ceiling fan (that we already have), for us to pick out the paint color, and then to actually paint. The closet is already somewhat situated with what we do have and the dresser just needs to be brought up from downstairs. My mom is getting the crib for us whenever the nursery is ready for it and we have the bassinet picked out, we just have to go get it.

I got a TON of diapers that were leftover from my nephew. It’s a whole trash bag FULL. I finally went through and sorted them all by size (since they were leftover diapers they weren’t in their boxes or anything – some even came from a diaper cake) and I was SO happy and surprised to find out that I had WAY more diapers then I thought. (It definitely helped to have a diaper raffle at my baby shower too.) I think I’m set on diapers until size three!

I also got a TON of clothes from my nephew. I already picked through what I was going to keep, but I need to go through and check what sizes all of the different pieces are so I can have a better idea of what I have (clothes wise) for Peanut. That’s something I hope to get to this week. That way as I’m doing my “what’s left of what I need for Peanut” shopping, I’m not accidentally buying stuff that I already have.

I FINALLY bit the bullet and got an iPhone 5! It is a HUGE upgrade from my iPhone 3GS that I had for FIVE PLUS years. Wow.

We may not have the crib yet, but I literally (just now on my lunch break) went and got the mattress. It was half off this week and I got the last one. Um, the nursery just got halfway real.

My neighbor and I are starting a walking routine. We are going walking together twice a week. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a start. I kind of feel like I am gaining too much weight with this pregnancy and that’s probably because I have been doing ZERO walking. The doctor told me it was a good idea to walk. He told me that about two months ago. So ya, failure. But it’s better late than never, right? The weather has been so beautiful recently and it’s great to just get out and get some fresh air.

I have been feeling Peanut move SO much lately. Almost to the point that I worried myself that I was feeling him TOO much. Is that even possible? He is just a rolling, punching little monster in there! We can definitely see him moving through my clothes now too and it’s truly amazing. And strange.

So, this is the absolute weirdest thing, but very true. (My sister in law says that Peanut is just a daddy’s boy already.) When I lay down to go to bed Peanut tends to move around a bit and then it’s like he settles in and stops moving. WELL, as soon as Hubs puts his hand on my tummy, Peanut will start moving around right underneath Hubs’ hand! What’s weird about it is that Hubs doesn’t press down at all (he’s too scared of “hurting” the baby – LOL) and Hubs doesn’t start talking or anything either, he just places his hand on my tummy and BAM! Peanut goes nuts. It’s like Peanut just senses Hubs. He’ll move around and kick a little bit and then Hubs will start talking and Peanut responds to all of it! The other night Hubs was talking to Peanut and he said it was like Peanut was giving him mini high fives right in the palm of his hand. (He said it felt like if I was to take my finger tip and poke it into the middle of his hand.) Then Peanut rolled right under Hubs hands and Hubs pulled away SO fast – it was hilarious. It scared him to feel the rolling movement. I was like, “How do you think that feels from the inside?!?!” So cool and amazing but WEIRD!! =]

Hey, maybe since I got all of this off my chest I can get some sleep tonight!

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