Sharing My Weekend – The Lake House

I love the weekends! Especially the long ones. =]

On Saturday we got up early and drove about three hours to visit with Hubs’ grandparents in VA. It was a really nice trip – the ride was entertaining and we enjoyed the time with family just talking and looking through old pictures. It’s too bad we only stayed for the day, but that was better than nothing! (My cousins better be glad I wasn’t in an Instagram mood because some of those old pictures were just TOO funny.)   =] On the way back we spotted a rainbow!

RainbowIt was actually a double rainbow, but my iPhone didn’t catch that very well. The power line pole even looks like a cross! It was a bit rainy on our way back, but we made it safely.

On Sunday Hubs and I slept in (we got back pretty late on Saturday) and then headed our separate ways. Hubs went to the land he is hunting to check out his game camera and such. He is getting so excited for hunting season! I went with my mother and sister in law to get some grocery shopping done. By the time we all got home it was pretty late, (like 4 or 5 PM) so we didn’t do much the rest of the day. I just hung around the house – which to me is THE BEST.
Hubs got some really great pictures of deer on his game camera!

Game Camera (He got a bunch more but I can’t dig them out right now.)

On Monday morning, unfortunately, Hubs got called into work so I went over to get my younger sister in law and she helped me purge things around the house. I am definitely in the “nesting stage” and am just ready to start giving stuff away! I figure if I haven’t used it in over a year, it’s gone! I want to go through every nook and cranny of my house! With my younger sisters help we got a lot done!

My younger sister comes over to help me because she does all the heavy lifting. =] According to Hubs “I’m not allowed” to do any of that stuff. Hmpff.

Here’s an ALMOST 22 weeks pregnant picture for you!

22 WeeksYou can’t tell I’m pregnant, right? HA!

I’m pretty sure any weight gain in the past couple of weeks has not been due to baby. =[ I made brownies and then my neighbor brought me cookies and then my manager brought me more brownies. Oops.

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