In Leiu of Week’s End 08232013

I’m actually going to post something! I have been meaning to post all week, so here I go!

What have I been up to this week? Let’s start from last weekend!

Saturday – It rained allllll stinking day so I stayed inside. I was pretty bummed because I was supposed to hit up some yard sales with my neighbor, but we ended up cancelling. The rain and I don’t get along. I did some cleaning around the house and pretty much just lounged around. It was great.

Sleepy puppy
Sleepy puppy.

Sunday – Hubs and I went to church and then ran some errands before coming home to babysit our niece. Uhh, she is just the cutest thing! We found out that she loves Toy Story and steamed cabbage. (Luckily she seems to like healthy foods!)

Eating steamed cabbage.
Eating steamed cabbage.

She didn’t seem to appreciate it when Hubs went to put the bowl in the sink when she wasn’t done eating yet. How dare he?! She ran to the stairs and covered her eyes and acted really sad.

Niece hidingHubs felt bad and quickly came back with the bowl and let her finish it off. Ha!

After that we looked through photo albums and books (she LOVES looking at pictures). She got pretty serious and was set on Toy Story for a while. Poor Dorothy Dog… she just wanted to be pet.


 Tuesday – I stayed home from work because I wasn’t feeling well. Hubs ended up coming home from work because he wasn’t feeling well either! We laid around on the couch for the majority of the day.

Wednesday – My sister in law (who is three weeks behind me in pregnancy) found out she is having a… BOY! Yay! We are having boys together and they are going to be best friends for life!

Old picture of when we first told our families that we were expecting.
Old picture of when we first told our families that we were expecting.

If you remember, we told our families that we were expecting on the day before Mother’s Day and then my sister in law found out a week later that she was expecting too!

And now, here we are at Friday. Hallelujah! Tomorrow I hope to go to the new Home Goods we got not too far from my home, and Sunday I think the guys are going kayaking, which means the girls will get together! =]

On other news, here’s a recent picture of my little nephew who is turning one in November. Time went by fast!

NephewHe is such a cute little guy! According to my mom (who babysits him every Tuesday), he’s also very loving. I can’t wait to see him again!


And this my friends, is my most recent awesome score on Craigslist.

Eek!! So excited!
Eek!! So excited!

It’s a solid Maple hutch that I am in love with! I had been looking for a piece like this since we moved into our house two years ago! I needed something on the shorter side (most hutches are pretty wide) and I finally found it! It is EXACTLY what I was looking for. First of all, it’s solid wood. Enough said. But I also wanted closed storage on the bottom – we currently have a lot of stuff stored on top of our cabinets and I can finally get that all cleared out and put in the hutch. The drawers were just a plus, I wasn’t dying for them, but considering we really only have two drawers in the kitchen it has definitely helped me de-clutter. Now I can have what I use daily over by the stove and store what I want out, but don’t really need at my fingertips, in the hutch. And lastly, I REALLY wanted open shelving on top. I haven’t put anything in the hutch yet but that’s because this will soon be coming out of the kitchen again so Hubs can paint. Yay! I am so excited to see the yellow on my kitchen walls. I couldn’t wait to show off my hutch though.

Here’s what was in this space before:

Sofa TableThat door you see to the right is the pantry door. This sofa table had to be pushed all the way to the left side of the wall to be able to open the pantry door all the way. The sofa table was definitely useful (as you can see), but it didn’t look the best.

Let’s see that wonderful hutch again…HutchMuch better! 

Don’t you love when you have been looking for something for a long time and finally find it?! =]

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