Nursery Dilemma… and Inspiration

HELP! Pinterest is overwhelming me! ;]

We don’t even know the gender of our baby yet (we find out in three weeks) BUT, I am already planning nurseries. I can’t help it. I really REALLY want to paint the nursery a classic gray color, but Hubs is not going with my flow. Gr! He says it’s boring and depressing! What?! Does he not have an eye for design or what?! I am going to have to start sending him loads of finished gray nurseries so he can see the whole picture and not just “gray walls”. I mean, seriously, how cute is this?!

Gray and CoralSource

Or this?!

Gray and BlueSource

Okay, one more. What about this?!

Gray and BrightSource

Sigh* I am loving all of those! But honestly, I don’t think I’ll get my way about it – LOL.

I totally get the excitement of “pink for girl and blue for boy”, but I really just want the walls to be a neutral color. Maybe we can agree on a gray-ish, beige-y color? We’ll see what happens.

On another note, I have some inspiration for the decor of the room. I having been scrolling through Pinterest (a little too much) and man, there is some CUTE stuff on there! I LOVE this string art cross…


You could do all kinds of things with that! I love the cross, idea but you could easily do letters, full names, shapes (hearts, stars, ampersand signs), etc. The possibilities really are endless. =]

I definitely want to do some DIY artwork pieces too. I’ll have to kidnap my younger sister in law to help me with these… They would be fun to make together.

Dandelion(If you know who I need to give credit to for this, please let me know.)

Pretty much just straight lines and dots. Simple, right?

And say you have a bunch of different colors and you just don’t know how to tie them in together. Check out these DIY Confetti Drapes. AWESOME.

Confetti DrapesSource

Anyway, these are just SOME of the ideas I have floating around in my head. Once we know for sure what we are having, I’ll really start planning.

Exciting times. =]

2 thoughts on “Nursery Dilemma… and Inspiration

  1. Hi Justine this is Jeff. What about grey on two walls and another color on the other two. Sorry, I agree with your hubby on this one. It looks a little to sterile. Needs a little more liveliness. Remember, Bryce is an outdoor man like me. We need color. Luv ya! And again, congrats! We r so happy for u guys.

    1. Hey Jeff!! I would totally agree to that! BUT Bryce is negative on the gray all the way around. I just think it looks so classic and there would be plenty of color in the decorations, curtains, bedding, pillows, etc. I’m not against painting the room another color though, you know purple is my favorite! =] But I’m convinced that we are having a boy so that might not work out too well. I’m down for green though! I’m just excited to find out and don’t worry, y’all will know as soon as we do! =] Love and miss you guys!!!

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