Sharing My Weekend – WHEW

Wow! I hope you all had as great a long weekend as I did! I have plenty of pictures to post (I’m making up for not doing a “Week’s End” post last Friday. Sorry about that!)

Thursday was, of course, the fourth of July and I hope y’all had a great time celebrating our freedoms! Hubs got up early and went kayaking with his brother in law. I, of course, am not all about getting up early when I don’t have to, so I stayed in bed for a bit longer. I eventually got up and got ready to go to the store because we were having a BBQ with Hubs’ family that night. We all had a great time and we set off some fireworks before they left for the night. Unfortunately, Hubs had to work Friday so the family didn’t want to keep him up too late.

FireworksFriday morning I got up early to go over to my sister in law’s house to watch my niece for a little while. My sister in law had the day off of work but she needed to go in for about 45 minutes to help with something at her job. My niece and I watched cartoons and drew on her little Etch N Sketch thing. She was very concentrated.


ConcentratingAt one point I had drawn something and erased it while she was looking at it, and she gave me this look like, “Oh no you didn’t!”. TOO CUTE.

Say WhatWhen my sister in law got home, we headed to a local shopping center to get some new maternity clothes! =] Girl day! I was FINALLY able to get some maternity jeans which I am super happy about! They are a little big but not too big that I can’t wear them (and I can grow into them still which is a plus). Up until that point I had ONE pair of jeans I could wear. Luckily, since I will be pregnant through the Summer, I can get away with elastic skirts and dresses, that I already have, but I don’t wake up every morning and want to wear skirts and dresses, so I was having a hard time in the mornings – ha. Anyway, I finally got a pair so yay! I also got a new bathing suit top. My sister in law got this really pretty skirt (that I now wish I would have gotten too), some shirts, and a really cute pair of sandals.

I only paid $25 thanks to a sale!
I only paid $25 thanks to a sale!
I paid $13. =]
I paid $13. =]

After that, we headed over to Target really quick. While I hunted for a shirt, my sister in law got some groceries. I also couldn’t pass up my favorite Target snack – Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts. (I call them a Target snack because where I live now it’s the only place I can find them!)

I have this shirt in many colors. I love it!
I have this shirt in many colors. I love it!

MacadamiaThen we headed home so my sister in law could meet her husband for lunch (her husband had to work Friday too).

I went home, had some lunch, watched some TV, and then got ready to head over to my mother in law’s house to go swimming. First, I stopped back at Target to return some things that I had meant to return before but forgot. (I also got the same shirt as I did before in another color. They’re really comfortable.) Then I headed over to Marshall’s to find a skirt. My mom got me a skirt from there last weekend and after wearing it I realized I loved it, and needed it in another color. So I went back and got this skirt in black. (The last one!)

13 weeks along when I took this picture. 14 weeks now. =] BUMP!
13 weeks along when I took this picture. 14 weeks now. =] BUMP!

Then I headed over to my mother in law’s house to go swimming with her and my younger sister in law. The pool was SO nice. I hadn’t been swimming in FOREVER. The water must have been slightly heated or something and it was amazing! My other sister in law and niece came a little later and we all had a great time. After that we (mother in law and younger sister in law) did some grocery shopping and home we went.

Saturday morning Hubs and I got ready and headed over to Dick’s Sporting Goods because we heard they had a huge sale going on. I have been wanting/needing some athletic shorts for a long time so I was really excited. I think that was the most excited I’ve ever been about going to that store – ha! I got five pairs of shorts! Three were only $7 and two were $15. You can’t beat that when the original prices on all the pairs separately were AT LEAST $40 each! Hubs got some shirts that he had been wanting too. He scored two for $10 each and one for $15. They are a really light, cool fabric that is perfect for his outdoor activities. Again, each shirt at regular price was well over $40 each. The biggest deal of the day was the turkey hunting vest that he got for FIFTEEN DOLLARS!! That vest ALONE (during turkey season) was around $90! All in all we spent about $100 and yes, we did feel a pang of guilt about spending so much money on ourselves when we have a baby on the way, but you know what? We got things that we had really been wanting and we never would have paid full price for any of that stuff. We treated ourselves and I think that’s okay.

These are just shorts that I will wear under my dresses, etc. I was having a hard time finding short "leggings" and scored these comfortable shorts for $7!
These are just shorts that I will wear under my dresses, etc. I was having a hard time finding short “leggings” and scored these comfortable shorts for $7!

ShortsThe top two were $7 each and the bottom two were $15. I wasn’t going to get the bottom pairs, but after trying them on I almost didn’t take them off. I could have just paid and walked out of the store while still wearing them. They are SO comfortable. They are 2-in-1 shorts. There is the mesh short that you visually see the most of (purple and pink) and then the bottom band of color (light gray and dark gray) are actually another part of the shorts that’s kind of like a spandex material. SO COMFORTABLE.

When we left the shopping center we spent a little time at Hubs’ parents house (they live really close to the shopping center so we usually stop by their house while we are close) and then headed home. Around dinner time we went and had pizza with Hubs’ parents, younger sister, and our niece at a new pizza place by our house. It was really good! We got the Chicago style.

Is there enough cheese here?
Is there enough cheese here?

The waitress gave my niece a little ball of dough to play with while we waited and she had a blast with that.

According to the last picture she wasn't sharing.
According to the last picture she wasn’t sharing.

Sunday morning, when we finally got up and got ready (I wasn’t feeling too well), we headed out to yet another shopping center. I had been wanting to go BJ’s Wholesale for a while because I wanted to check their price on diapers. We ended up getting a box of Luvs which cost $.11 a diaper! ($29.99 for a pack of 264.) We also went to Home Depot for some odds and ends and then to Babies R Us for yet another Peanut purchase. We saw in the Sunday paper that morning that Babies R Us had a play pen that I had on my wish list for $15 off, so we went and snatched that up. It’s really cute and has owls on it! We got lunch at Cook Out and headed home to relax before another week at work.


It's hard to tell but it has really cute owls.
It’s hard to tell but it has really cute owls.

While home I laid down for a bit and Hubs put our new ceiling fan up in the bigger guest room. It looks so great!!

Before and After FanThe top is a picture from the original listing of our house. The bottom is the new fan. (We also got rid of that wallpaper border and painted.) The oil rubbed bronze fan is from Home Depot and it looks GREAT with the wall color!

Here’s another shot.

New Fan
Hampton Bay Glendale 52-inch with light amber sconces and reversible blades from Home Depot.

You can read about the big guest bedroom progress here and here.

What a productive weekend right?! Whew! I need to go to work to take a break! =]

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