Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It is by far my favorite holiday. (I would have skipped decorating for Thanksgiving if I wasn’t the one hosting Thanksgiving dinner.) Now that Thanksgiving is done (Wahhh! Where is the time going?!) I can start/have started my Christmas decor.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of Christmas stuff. Everything I have is from a couple of years ago when I bought some Christmas stuff AFTER Christmas, when it was 75% off. I got some tree ornaments and a bow for the front door. So ya, not much for decor around the house. I don’t have a big budget for much more decor either. Especially since Hubs just had hand surgery and is out of work for a while. (We go back to the doctor today to see how things are going and to get his hard cast put on.)

This past Sunday after church, I headed to Dollar Tree to see what I could find. I know they always load up on Christmas stuff and I just knew I would find something to decorate with. I hit the jack pot!

I made this poinsettia arrangement (I already had the vase) – I just bought a white floral bundle and a red floral bundle and shoved them together.

They had these plain 15 foot garlands – I just jazzed it up with some of their smaller floral bunches.

It’s hard to tell, but I attached some small floral swags (is that what they are called?) to the garland. There are four going up the banister – red, green, silver, and gold. Each one has a present, a pine cone with glitter, and berries. The swags were kind of like this…

…except they had a small wrapped present and berries on there as well. They were a single piece of floral whatever (with a clip like a jaw clip) that I just attached right to the garland.

I also got this snowman fridge magnet. I don’t know why, but this really makes me happy. =]

They had all different kinds too! They had a polar bear, Santa, and a Christmas tree. I want to go back and get them ALL after seeing how cute they look!

Then, I got these other floral arrangements for my Christmas table setting. I have some really pretty plates that we received for our wedding last year and I think these florals would look really nice attached to some napkin rings. Or maybe just set across the plate. (We wouldn’t really use the table settings. We almost never eat in our dining room.)

(There are actually two in that picture above. Each one has a pine cone with some berries. You can also see the Christmas tablecloth I got!)

I also got this sticker snow globe.

It’s a big snow globe with a bunch of small stickers around the page. You put the small stickers “inside” the snow globe, and it’s like you’re making your own snow globe! I know it’s kind of childish, and I had originally gotten a couple so my little sister in law could do one with me, but after doing one I kind of got carried away. =] It was fun! (They are supposed to be wall art, but I didn’t want to stick the sticker on my wall. Technically, just the big snow globe part would be on your wall because the smaller stickers would be on top of the snow globe, but I still didn’t want to stick it to my wall. I was afraid (I was petrified). So, I just stuck the big sticker on a big piece of scrap book paper. (I did spend a little bit of money that I shouldn’t have on that pack of Christmas scrap book paper you see to the right. I got at A.C. Moore.)

Here is a picture of the sticker Christmas village I made:

It’s not a GREAT picture but you get the idea. Everything up there is a sticker that you can place where ever you want – the drive ways, the houses, the trees, the snow man, even the little light strings that are on the houses. Pretty cool Dollar Tree, pretty cool.

I also got some snow flakes and ribbon to make a Winter wreath for my front door. I will show you the finished product when it’s complete. =]

Last, but not least, I got this pretty red tree skirt that I plan on decorating with my little sister in law. More on that later!

That scrapbook paper that I mentioned earlier (my splurge Christmas decor) was for making snowflakes. I wanted pretty patterned snowflakes and immediately thought “scrap book paper”! WRONG-O. After folding the paper in so many ways it was really thick and hard to cut through (to make a snow flake design). I thought about going out and getting Christmas printer paper (since it’s much thinner), but then I came across this idea on Pinterest and was really excited that I would be able to use the scrapbook paper I already had – rather than having to go out and buy thinner paper. Here are my Christmas “star flakes”:

I got all of this Christmas decor stuff for under $20 (minus the scrap book paper)! I’d definitely recommend checking out your local Dollar Tree! =]

8 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

    1. I went back to the Dollar Tree this past weekend and they had these really cute miniature figurines for a Christmas Village or something but they were still in boxes!! I wanted to open the boxes really bad!!

    1. It really is! Christmas is my absolute favorite! We finally got our tree decorated and I tried to convince the Hubs that we should have one in the house year round. I don’t think he was falling for it though… =]

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