Updated Shelf Accessories

Remember the shelf that I re-purposed and didn’t exactly love on my porch? Well, I changed out a few accessories and I like it 96% better now!

Here is what it looked like before:

This picture was edited with Instagram – I can’t find the original photo, but it’s on my phone somewhere. This is my “his and hers” porch decoration photo. Pathetichaha! You can’t really tell in this picture, but that green is B-R-I-G-H-T. I kind of liked it, I kind of didn’t. I was convinced to “rough it up” when my friend at work told me that she just loved it and that it was very “Key West”. Uhhhh – sorry, but that is NOT the look I was going for! So, I took some sand paper to it to rough it up – you can’t really tell in the new pictures, but I did do it! (I might eventually take some brown glaze to it too – to tone down the color and make it more “rustic”.)

Here are some pictures with the “new” accessories…


updatedshelfaccessoriesI left the top shelf exactly how it was. My neighbor gave me everything on that first shelf. (Thanks neighbor!) All of the pine cones are actually attached by a string. I think it’s supposed to be a garland, but I liked them overflowing in the metal basket.
The second shelf has a few pumpkins I got from Walmart and a pear that fell off of a garland that actually wraps around the staircase in my house. My mother in law got me that metal watering can when they went on their vacation to the mountains earlier this year. =]

updatedshelfaccessoriesI still don’t LOVE the third shelf. The pot of grass and green candle just aren’t cutting it for me. I don’t have anything to replace them with yet, so they will do for now.
That green basket is actually the planter that I had my daisies in this past Summer. I just cleaned it out and threw the other pine cone garland in there.

Isn’t it much better now??

3 thoughts on “Updated Shelf Accessories

  1. I Love it!!! the pinecones are a nice Easy Fall Touch!! You are in the Zone…hahahaha Bryce on the other hand hmmmmm his decorating is A1 for a Hunter!! hahahaha Have A Fantastic Day!!

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