Food Trucks

I am going to take a break from anxiously waiting for the downstairs bathroom to be done. Just to make things clear – hunting season has started and that equals hunting comes before bathroom remodels. =]

Anyway, this week is supposed to be amazing outside! It’s not supposed to get above 82 degrees which is CUH-RAZY considering it’s been about 110 degrees alllllll Summer. It’s been so beautiful outside this past week!! (On Sunday we even went to Raven Rock State Park to go hiking and that was a lot of fun!)

My neighbor, JB, (who happens to work right down the road from me) told me about these food trucks that were going to be in her business parking lot, so I bet you can guess what we did! We got food truck food and picnicked outside! There were four food trucks – Valentino’s, Chick-N-Que, Klausie’s, and SweetStaceyCakes. My neighbor and I both got Klausie’s pizza and then headed to the lake for a lunch outdoors.

foodtrucksI knew I wanted Klausie’s pizza before I even got in line, but I loved that they were so patriotic and that they made sure to hang an American flag on their truck!

foodtrucksfoodtrucksI got two slices of the “Meatie” and my neighbor got two slices of cheese. Boooooooooorrrriiinnng!! (Haha – just kidding JB!)

Here’s a better picture of our pizzas:


foodtrucksDoesn’t that look delicious?? Trust me, it was.
JB told me it was definitely more like Chicago style pizza because they put the sauce on top of everything, rather than under. I never knew that! She’s tried authentic Chicago style and authentic New York style and ranked this pizza to be pretty good. I thought so too! Mine had sweet Italian sausages and pepperoni.

We also made some friends while we were there (at the park)!

foodtrucksThis poor little guy was walking with a limp so I named him Gimpy. I hope he’ll be okay!

foodtrucksAll of the ducks started showing up because we were feeding them. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to do that so don’t tell anyone, k? Thanks! =]

foodtrucksIt was nice to get out of the office for a little while. The lake was really pretty and the weather outside was just gorgeous!

What’s the weather like where you live? =]

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